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  • or the existence of the pope in Rome?  The priest asked me, “how can you believe the pope is in Rome?”  He was trying to convert me.  ”You’ve never met him or seen him or touched him, have you?  But you have faith in him just like the faith we have in God.”

    I wanted to ask him if he believed in the existence of sodomy.  But I sensed that he had a serious deficit in irony.

  • @we_deny_everything - Heh, well, trying to appeal to the intangibility of God seems a silly way to try and convert secular atheists, who are usually much more fixated on empirical evidence.

    But, yes, I am most definitely more sure of the existence of God than of the pope. For all I know, a human being could be an angel or demon appearing as a person, or just a trick in my mind, for example.

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