December 8, 2011

  • Tim Tebow, Graphing Calculators, Knock Knock Jokes

    Three quick hits and an afterthought:


    Chuck Klosterman’s thoughts on Tim Tebow: Here. Some of the most honest, objective, insightful stuff I’ve read about the Tebow phenomenon.


    This xkcd comic is awesome, and shows how computer technology has advanced, especially in regards to getting cheaper — yet, suspiciously, graphing calculators have hardly made the same progress…


    My picks for the Top 10 Best Knock Knock Jokes ever.


    In about three hours, I am going to endure my first live podcast interview. I have been interviewed before, but always recorded and edited before the piece actually airs. Now, while I am confident in my conversational skills, and have been appropriately briefed on the topics we will be covering, I am still somewhat nervous. If anything, though, I’m just glad my hobby life is getting somewhere.

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